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A registered dietitian (RD) & Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador living in Connecticut, I am a go-to source for factual, scientifically backed nutrition knowledge with the daily application tips you need to make it through the day.

Ever enthused when it comes to running and food, this blog serves not only to inspire, but to explain the science behind the miracles of proper nutrition. Follow me on my journey as I try to balance life's many demands with the REALLY important things in life- like food and running :)

Time's never on anyone's side, but I was born to do this. What were you born to do?
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Put some Cucina Antica sauce over zoodles and mushrooms last night, topped with chicken and stewed tomatoes! Sooo delicious! This is an awesome, quick & easy #primal option! #italian #dinner #delicious #veggielover #veggielover #easypeasy

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