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#WIAW : This is a story all about how I turned my world upside down…I’d like to take a minute, so sit right there, tell you all about how eating FOOD made me a running extraordinaire. (DOES THAT RHYME?!)



Okay, anyway, this week’s What I Ate Wednesday is alll about the eats before I blew my previous PR (personal record) out of the water at this past weekend’s Long Branch Half Marathon. More ranting and raving to come in a post tomorrow about that shenigan, but I did think it would be interesting to delve a little bit into the eats of a personal-record-in-the-making looks like.

The majority of the week I ate my usual diet; aiming for 33% calories from fat, 33% from protein, 33% from carb; and the 36 hours pre-race I ate a much more traditional American diet of 50-60% calories from carb, minimized fats, & ate some good proteins.

Percentages are great and all, but what does that mean?! 

Sooo… for breakfast we have featured the loverly high protein pancake, compliments of Full Fat Friendly’s ingenious recipe devise! These are REALLY good but only when they’re fresh off the griddle, as soon as they start to cool down they become very eggy. However, I omitted the optional sugar substitute she recommended, and next time I think I am going to add it in to see if that balances the egginess at all. Anyway, in the picture above I slathered my pancakes with almond butter and frozen berries, but I had leftovers again for breakfast another day that week topped with bananas & peanut butter, which was even more delicious!

For snack I enjoyed plain nonfat Greek yogurt topped with frozen berries and paired with black coffee. I’m so addicted to pairing hot foods with cold foods; so this snack made me very happy!

You’re going to be saddd, but I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I forgot to take a picture of the crazy nommy tuna burgers I ate for lunch (and sometimes for dinner) like every single day last week. As in, I forgot to take a picture of them every.single.time.I.ate. ARGH! I know you’ll forgive me, but I do feel pretty badly about it! I am sure lots more tuna burgers are in my future, since they’re a super cheap, fast, easy, portable way to get lots of omega-3s & protein. Hooray! 

Right, so lunch usually was three tuna burgers slathered in honey dijon mustard and paired with copious nonstarchy veggies such as balsamic roasted brussel sprouts & feta cheese, or steamed broccoli covered in Kirkland’s Monterey Artichoke Dip. 

When I got home from work I’d chug my 8oz of water with ten bags of green tea & munch on some plums before a run/yoga/watching TV (hehe). All that laughing while watching New Girl= a serious need for some fuel!

And ze dinner featured before your very eyes is…you guessed it…SUSHI! But not my usual riceless ordeal, but the real mccoy, rice and all: SUSHI. For some reason last week I magically remembered that in high school my fuel for a personal record was always sushi the night before the race. So the boyf and I headed to Miya’s in New Haven 36 hours pre-race & had some awesome high protein, high carb fuel. Miya’s uses all local, seasonal produce so you can be sure you’re getting the utmost of anti-oxidants from your food! Thank you Miya for the delicious array of sushhh!!


If you read this post; you’ll know how insecure/not confident I was feeling going into this race. I am going to write a longer post on how I think I may have pulled off this miracle of a personal record, but I do think a HUGE PART of it has to do with the fact that I have never been so intentional in my eating choices. I eat an abundance of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and high quality proteins from fresh, unprocessed foods; and I think my body is all the stronger and revitalized for it!! 

Have any of you noticed any super-human changes in strength, stamina, speed or energy since eating cleaner?!

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