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A registered dietitian (RD) & Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador living in Connecticut, I am a go-to source for factual, scientifically backed nutrition knowledge with the daily application tips you need to make it through the day.

Ever enthused when it comes to running and food, this blog serves not only to inspire, but to explain the science behind the miracles of proper nutrition. Follow me on my journey as I try to balance life's many demands with the REALLY important things in life- like food and running :)

Time's never on anyone's side, but I was born to do this. What were you born to do?
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The Who, What, When & How a Juice Cleanse Can Benefit Your Health

Have you thought about juice cleansing??

What’s a real food registered dietitian’s take on juicing and cleansing in general?

You’ll have to head over to Girls Gone Sporty to find out! Or listen in to a live interview where I answered all you’ll ever want to know about juicing!

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manitoba harvest hemp seeds

Compliments of

I am allll about hemp hearts lately.

Maybe its the summer heat and the influx of salads I’ve been consuming, but sprinkling crunchy crushed hemp hearts has been one of my fave foods this season.

You’ve heard me blab about flax & chia seeds before, but I had never tried hemp until recently. After all… hemp makes me think of illegal drugs and rope: not exactly…

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#realfood for the win! #Beach fare doesn’t have to be garbage! Fresh green beans for crunch & raspberries for sweetness! #yum #jerf #runchat

You never know where a run will lead you.. #beautifulworld #summer #marathontraining #isthisreallife

Canola oil is commonly purported as a healthy oil, but when’s the last one you enjoyed rapeseed for dinner?! Canola (derived from rapeseed) is a highly processed & often GMO oil! Avoid like the plague! #realfood#jerf

Typing away and enjoying this fatty breakfast loaded with omega-3s! My legs are BURNING from squats— totally going to run the slowest 5k of my life tomorrow… But what can ya do?! (Besides eat loads of anti-inflammatory fat & protein)
#breakfast this #morning was free-range eggs with salmon lox and spinach, scrambled in #Kerrygold butter and black pepper. Super filling and rich in nutrition! #banishcravings #fatisfuel #morevegetablesthanavegetarian #nutrition #yum #runchat #marathonproblems #marathontraining

Less Starchy Grits #Recipe #RealFoodRD

photo 2Kari over at The Running Lifestyle Show & I frequently discuss nutrient dense sources of carbohydrate for runners. On episode 15, we talked corn, since its in-season over in this part of the world, and I have to admit that a fresh piece of local sweet corn is seriously one of the most delicious indulgences of summer.

While I know corn has a bad reputation because its a grainand its one of the…

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